Haitian Vodou. Exceptionalism. Misconceptions. Renewed Narratives

The primary objective of our project is to examine and discuss Haitian Vodou under a holistic lens through the analysis of various facets of Haitian Vodou through political, historical, and cultural perspectives. The examination of religion’s beliefs, divinities, and religious based festivals will illuminate Haitian Vodou in the interest of understanding of the implications of a complex religion in Haitian society. This project disproves the current misconceptions and biased beliefs that enshroud Haitian Vodou today. Focus is placed on the media’s exceptionalization and impressions of Vodou, historical and political influences of Vodou in Haiti, comparisons of Haitian Vodou with other Vodou religions in the new world, and the core facets of Haitian Vodou divinities, festivals, and rituals. This discourse will provide a holistic understanding of the implications of Vodou seen in Haitian culture. It will also investigate influences of this creolized religion on Haitian history, culture, and the daily lives of its practitioners. Furthermore, the positive effect Vodou has on the lives of the female participants in conjunction with these women’s virtue will be examined. The end result of the project is a clear, unbiased, and comprehensive argument for a new narrative of Haitian Vodou. Our readers will gain knowledge of Haitian Vodou that is not based on timeless attempts of perversion and demonization upon one of the world’s popularly misunderstood religions.
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